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How to solve the failure of the cart-type light tower in daily life
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In daily life, if the cart-type lighting tower fails, the following emergency solutions can be taken:

1. Check the power supply:

• Make sure that the power cord plug is firmly connected and not loose or broken.

• Check whether the power outlet is powered normally, and you can try to connect other power outlets for testing.

2. Check the battery status:

• If the light tower is powered by a battery, check whether the battery is charged or needs to be replaced.

• If the battery is aging or damaged, try to replace it with a new battery.

3. Check the condition of the lamp:

• Check whether the lamps are in good condition and whether the light bulbs are damaged or burned out.

• If you find a lamp failure, you can try to replace it with a new LED bulb.

4. Check the switch and controller:

• Check whether the switch and controller of the lighthouse are working properly, damaged or faulty.

• If you find a problem, you can try to repair or replace the switch or controller.

5. Check the circuit connection:

• Check whether the internal circuit of the lighthouse is well connected and whether it is loose or disconnected.

• If you find a circuit connection problem, you can try to reconnect or repair the circuit connection.

6. Contact after-sales service:

• If the above methods cannot solve the problem, you can contact the product after-sales service or manufacturer technical support for professional help and maintenance services.

When dealing with failures, you should pay attention to safety and avoid electric shock and other safety risks. If you are not sure how to deal with the problem or can't solve the problem, it is best not to repair it yourself, but seek professional help.